Galacticos FIRST PLACE in Torneo Mexicano de Robotica 2018

We won again!

After four years of ups and downs with soccer robots in the Torneo Mexicano de Robotica (Mexican Robotics Tournament, TMR), we returned to the first place!

1st place in TMR 2014
2nd place in TMR 2015
X place in TMR 2016
2nd place in TMR 2017
1st place in the TRM 2018

Our first team of young roboticists, now from the l Instituto de Robótica de Xalapa (Robotics Institute of Xalapa), Galacticos, won the FIRST PLACE in the Mexican Robotics Tournament 2018 (TMR 2018), held in Monterrey, NL, in the category RoboCup Junior Soccer LightWeight.

In TMR 2014 we won the first place also with soccer robots, when our Galacticos team was made up of 12 and 13 year olds. That year we participated in RoboCup 2014 in Brazil.

We are going to RoboCup 2018 in Montreal, Canada

The first place in the TMR 2018 gives us the right to compete in the most important robotics event at international level,  RoboCup 2018, which will be held in Montreal, Canada, from June 17 to 22.

Thanks to our experience of these four years, and international participation in Brazil (2014) and Portugal (2016), we know that we have to work much harder to lead a highly competitive team, so we look for donations and sponsorship.

More information and donations

For more information about this triumph visit the Galactic page go to RoboCup 2018 in Montreal Canada, where we have a button to receive donations.

Would you like to sponsor a team of young roboticists?

If your company or institution is interested in sponsoring the team, visit the Galactic page look for sponsorship for RoboCup 2018.

Galacticos FIRST, SECOND and THIRD place at TMR 2018

And not only we won the first place in Soccer !, also SECOND PLACE in Rescue and THIRD PLACE in OnStage. You can see more information on the Galactic page win in the Mexican Robotics Tournament 2018.

If you know a child and young person who would like to take our robotics courses and participate in robotics contests, contact us at

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Julio Sandria
Galacticos Team Mentor